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Another Angle | #3 with Dr. Leen Tannous

Welcome to Another Angle podcast by Rightangled!

Our mission is to help our listeners learn how to improve health,  fitness and overall well-being with the help of our guest specialists  from sectors like medicine, nutrition and fitness.

Our guests in episode 3 is a London's NHS General Practitioner who is currently studying for a degree in Functional and Preventive Medicine - Dr. Leen Tannous. She tells us more about her current work in the practise and COVID-19 testing in the NHS.

Time-Stamped notes:

0:39 - Who is Doctor Leen?

2:00 - Being a GP during COVID-19

5:10  - Who can get tested for COVID-19 in the NHS?

6:40 - UK's testing of COVID-19 - how accurate are the offcial numbers?

9:51  - What is the role of Preventative Medicine?

13:10 - Why is Preventative Medicine not very popular in our Healthcare?

15:10 - What is the lesson in the pandemic?

16:35 - What can we, as a society do to help the NHS?

18:12  - Advise from Dr. Leen for staying healthy at home

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