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Your Data. Your Control.

First, understand the value of your Data.

The value

The value of data within our sector is collectively channelled towards drug development, personalised therapeutics, improved diagnostics and to build an advanced artificial intelligence.

A good cause

Your sample and data can be used to help non-profit medical and scientific researchers develop treatments and drugs for patients suffering from diseases and genetic disorders.

Stay in control

At anytime, you will have the option to revoke access from medical specialists and researchers. However, your de-identified data will be kept by Rightangled Ltd to comply with our consumer rights and safeguarding obligations.

Money maker? Your data is not

We do not make money from your data. Ever. The only time we ever give your data to third parties is to charities and non-profits (Such as Cancer Research UK, or the BHF) to continue their research and development, and that would only happen after your permission and having your informed consent.

Second, learn about our Data protection policy.


The only individual who will ever access your identifiable, personal data is your assigned specialist to provide you with your personalised assessment. Once your results have been reviewed, your data becomes non-identifiable.


Your data is immediately anonymised and de-identified, once the reports have been released and signed off to your account by your assigned practitioner. To put it simply, no one can ever link your genetic data back to you.


Our policy is to never sell your data to any third-party profitable organisation. The only time we might ask your permission to share this data would be for a non-profit research project.


You have complete control as to whether you would like your data to be shared with a non-profit research organisation such as the BHF R&D or Cancer Research UK, or not.

It’s kept under lock and key

Data security is of great importance to us, to protect your data we have put suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures in place, so we can safeguard and secure data collected through our site. Steps we take to secure and protect your data include:

All users sensitive data and genetic info is stored in our database in anonymised and encrypted format.

We use a multi-level security system on all application layers.

Apps development was built using CQRS and DDD patterns.

All data transfers are secured over standard SSL SHA-256 ECDSA.

Data held in a secure database server and protected by a dedicated firewall.

IT infrastructure was rebuilt in late 2018 using the latest and most up to date officially recommended Microsoft frontend and backend technologies.