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Shipments & Return

Everything from Same Day courier to the standard 1st Class shipments & returns.

Next Day Delivery via DPD

Order your testing kit before 3 pm (Monday to Friday) and have it delivered the next working day via DPD. Orders are dispatched and delivered 7 days per week. Once dispatched, you can edit your delivery date and address directly via DPD.

You will receive an email and text with tracking number and shipment updates.


Have unlimited access to the latest R&D in genetics, advice and knowledge from our medical and fitness specialists. As a partner you will have access to our reporting manuals, which you will in the "Resources" section on your dashboard.


You will be paid on each referral and for each report you review! By providing 8-weeks personalised plans for each referred user, you can personally impact the lives of your followers, building an emotional connection and further strengthen your brand.

How to return my sample to the lab?

There are many ways you can return your sample back to the lab with. Use the one that works best for you.

1. Drop Off at Rightangled

Drop off your sample at our designated sample colelction box with a direct free courier service back to the lab.
Drop off your sample at our de

1. Royal Mail Tracked 24 Return

As standard, our postal returns kit include a prepaid Royal Mail Tracked 24 bag. The use of this bag is optional; the kit can be sent by any means and the customer should choose the appropriate method of returning relative to their plans. We include the Tracked 24 returns bag as it provides our customers with access to the vast network of Royal Mail priority post boxes. The bags include the appropriate sticker requirements as required by Royal Mail to use the service for COVID testing (similar to the NHS return system). This is particularly handy for those patients who are suffering with symptoms as an easy way to return samples. This is a service which as an individual customer you can not access directly from Royal Mail. In line with the terms and conditions of Royal Mail, COVID samples are not allowed to be shipped via the Post office or any other Royal Mail service. This is also true of overnight couriers where they consider COVID samples as a hazardous good.

3. Online programming*

We will assign those orders to your account so that you can review your followers results and make online training and diet plans uniquely tailored to their Genes. You will be paid £25 per each review.

* Only available for qualified specialists.

4. Build genuine connection with your followers

Follow through with your personalised plans and help your followers reach their goals.

Become a partner today.