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G-Fit Class Launch

For the first time, DNA testing isn’t just about giving you information about yourself or to help you track down your ancestors. We have designed a fitness class that puts all the relevant fitness information into action! Our first G-Fit class was launched in partnership with 1RebelUK and was focused on skeletal muscle fibres, aka "Muscle Power vs Endurance". Watch the aftermovie.

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"It's given me the tools that I need to go forward!" Jodie - Wellness Pro

Jodie, 35, is a mother of two from West Sussex. Jodie suffers from type 1.5 diabetes, a more rare form of diabetes, also called latent autoimmune diabetes. This was discovered after she suffered gestational diabetes with both of her pregnancies, which didn’t go away after her second child was born. Jodie was given little advice from her doctors, however after losing two stone in weight the diabetes went away and she believed she was out of the danger-zone, healthwise. However, this experience did leave her wondering what other health problems might be lurking... Find out what Jodie has learned from her Wellness Pro experience.

"It's been such an interesting experience. You think DNA testing would be quite complicated, but in fact these guys have made it so simple.. Anyone can do it!" Steve - Heart DNA

Steve is an active non-smoking professional, who enjoys keeping fit, but also enjoys good food. He is married and expecting his first child. He has always been interested in knowing what's going on inside his body. Find out what Steve has learned from his DNA test and how that knowledge is now helping him make more informed decisions for the future.

"I would advise anyone who has the opportunity to do it.. It's really really really worth while." Amanda - Heart DNA

Amanda took the Heart DNA test after learning that heart problems can run in the family. With her late mother surviving 5 heart attacks, she knew that the test would help her understand her risks in an in-depth and more precise way. And so that she can follow the cardiologists review in the Heart DNA Test reports to minimise any existing risks of any future ailments. Watch Amanda's story and find out what she has learned from taking the test.

Tim Digan - Partner Personal Trainer

Tim Digan, a qualified L3 Personal Trainer and a nutrition coach, speaks about Rightangled Fitness DNA testing. How it's helping him to tailor his exercise and diet plans according to his client's genetic makeup and own personal goals and lifestyle.

Dr Sibtain Anwar - Consultant in Cardiac Anaestethia and Intensive Care Medicine at Bart Heart Centre

Learn more about cardiac risks and the role of genomics medicine in reducing the uncertainities around risk profiling of patients. Watch Dr Sibtain's video to discover how genomics medicine and pharmacogenetic prescribing is now shaping the state of medicine in cardiac health.

Dr Ahmed Merghani - Sports Cardiologist

Dr Merghani is a sports cardiologists. His research interests are on sports cardiology and in particular the effects of chronic endurance training on the Veteran Athlete. In this video Dr Merghani is talking about Genomics medicine and its role in the current state of medical practice.

What do Londoners think of DNA?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word DNA? Do you know what DNA stands for? What would you change if you had an insight into your genetics? We spent a fun day out in London speaking to our fellow Londoners and finding out their thoughts on DNA! Watch the video to find out what answers we got..

Abdullah's key note speech at the iCentrum Birmingham

Our CEO Abdullah Sabyah explaining why he created Rightangled, the power that genetics has on the future of healthcare. He also explains the impact that digital medtech has on saving costs and dramatically improving clinical efficacy, as global healthcare systems are all moving to more personal, quicker and affordable models and approaches.