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Our Covid-19 PCR test is UK government approved for “Fit to Travel” and “Test to Release”. It can tell if you are currently infected with the coronavirus. By using PCR technology, it detects SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19) virus.


Orders received before 2 pm will be processed on the same day and delivered the next working day by DPD.


Results are available within 24 hours from sample receipt at the lab. For faster shipment and return postage, please check our same-day courier service currently available for London users only (within the M25). 


Simply take the test in the comfort of your own home and send it to the lab. We have a range of delivery methods from same-day courier to pre-paid postage to make the process hassle-free.  ** Fit to Travel certificates is included **

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this test approved by border controls and airlines?

Our Covid-19 PCR test will provide you with an approved “Fit to Travel” certificate that is accepted by all major airlines and international border controls. The test can tell if you were infected with the coronavirus at the time of sampling. 


How do I take the test once I’ve received my kit?

Three simple steps to get your COVID-19 result:

1. Order your kit

If you need a result by a particular date, remember to order your test as early as possible. Orders before 1 pm are dispatched the same working day. We have a range of delivery and return options available at checkout so you can get results as fast as you would like.

2. Send your swab sample

Once you receive your kit, register the unique barcode on our website. Then, take the sample by following the instructions included. We also have videos on our website to help you. Then send back your package with the pre-paid return postage. For more details check out the Shipment and Returns page.

3. Download your reports

Once your sample arrives at the lab, it will be processed within 24 hours. You will get an email notification once your report is ready.

Does the test check for past COVID-19 infections?

This test can only detect current Covid-19 infection. But you can use our Covid-19 antibody test to find out about a previous infection and to see if you have developed some natural immunity to Covid-19. Unlike the Covid-19 PCR swab, the antibody test is a blood test.