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It's important to understand your prostate health and keep on top of your check-ups. This test will give you an overview through a simple and easy report.

Is this test for me?

Take the Prostate Test if you want to focus on your:

  • Energy
  • Long Term Health
  • Sexual Health
  • Mood

Biomarkers tested:

Long Term Health

The prostate can determine your overall health and fertility, amongst other things. Ensure you are at your healthiest through our prostate health test.

  1. Total Prostate Specific Antigen

PSA is a protein produced by the prostate. It can travel in the bloodstream either bound to other proteins or freely. The function of this protein is to liquify semen, allowing it to move to its target. Along with measuring total PSA, which accounts for both forms, other tests may be ordered to decide whether further action needs to be taken. Research has shown that a lower ratio of free to total PSA is generally linked to higher rates of prostate cancer. However, multiple factors can affect PSA levels in men, and other tests, such as biopsies, are needed to confirm any diagnosis.

Biomarkers Tested: Total Prostate Specific Antigen; Free Prostate Specific Antigen; Free:Total Ratio


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of taking the Prostate Health test?

The key biomarkers used in our test help establish potential causes of particular symptoms such as mood changes, low libido, fertility problems and energy level, all thoroughly discussed in the report you receive when you get your results. This test is beneficial for men of all ages, especially those over 50.